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Easy Steps to Start Your Online Shop Now!


Step 1: Register Your Online Shop

1.  Register your Free Online Account and You will get a simple Customer Account.

2.Click on Become Seller and fill the further Details.

3. Your Simple Account will be migrated to Seller Account.

4. Fill the information of your Shop Details and Continue.  Register For Selling

Note:If your are unable to login to the Seller account,kindly logout and login again


Step 2: List your Products

     1. Select the category where you want to sell the products.

     2. Add the products details in the catalog and proper image.

    3. Submit the product for review from the admin side.

    4. You will be notified by the admin when the product is published to the Website

Step 3: Receive Order and Sell Across World

   1. Once the product is published to website,your product will be visible to millions of user across

  2.Get order and manage the orders through the top level Seller panel.

  3. Get notified viva mail for each and ever New order.Manage all the orders,reports,sales and all the shop setting through the Seller     Panel 

Step 4: Pack and Ship With Ease

   1. On Receiving the order,pack the goods and our Courier Partners will pick-up and deliver the product to the perfect place.

  2. Once the Product deliver is successfully completed,you will be notified.

  3. On completing the product delivery you can request the company for payment withdraw request under terms and conditions*

Step 5: Get Payment and Boost your online Business

  1.Once the order is successfully completed,get the quick payment in your account.

 2. You can also get the withdraw details in your seller account.

 3. Get the reports and Boost your online sale with minimum investment.


Huge selling power for a very small fee.

It doesn't cost a thing to list up to 50 items a month, and you only pay after your stuff sells. It's just a small percent of the money you earn.

Here's what you get for your fee:

     Shipping labels you can print at home, with big discounts on postage.

Seller protection and customer support to help you sell your stuff.

Optional listing upgrade fees and payment processing fees may apply. Some categories are excluded from your 50 free monthly listings. Final value fees vary by category.


Capital Assist

Easy funding to grow your business. Loan approval within minutes, disbursal within 72 hours without any guarantors or collateral.

Get key trends and insights

Our team of expert sd-Advisors give you insights and recommendations on the latest trends to grow your business.

Unlimited business hours

Online shoppers can shop anytime from anywhere. With Snapdeal, you can actually sell 24x7.

Promotions and marketing support

We run high decibel marketing campaigns to ensure that your products are highlighted and reach customers